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Nestled in the magnificent Mercury Bay, the town of Whitianga is a welcoming respite for you and your family.

We are small enough to be intimate, and yet large enough to provide everything the discerning boatie could need, from supplies and maintenance to full refits.

If you are traveling with children we can even provide some free schooling while you are here staying with us.

Whether it is you or your vessel that needs pampering we are here to help you make the right choices to get what you are looking for.

Forget driving, unless you want to explore further afield as from your boat everything is within walking distance.

Whitianga is easy to find and easy to get to, but Whitianga can be a very hard place to say good-bye to.

So whether you are with us for a short time or decide to stay longer you will always be part of our Whitianga family, and will always be welcomed back again.

Whitianga is not only a beautiful place to visit and stay, but is also an excellent place to maintain your vessel. The Marina is secure and right in town. With 191 berths ranging in size frmo 10 to 18 meters and a 35 tonne travel lift the Whitianga Marina is the perfect place for both you and your craft to rest and refit.

With a vast pool of service resources to choose from Whitianga has the right people to perform any maintenance you may need. If your looking for a place to stay, or to secure your vessel while you explore the rest of Aotearoa then Whitianga is the place to be.

Terrific accomodation ashore ifn required, everything within walking distance of shops, supermarkets, playgrounds, magnificent beaches, hot pools and with some free schooling to traveling children let Whitianga Marina become your home away from.Whitianga is also renouned for its English Language schools. 

Information for visiting vessels


New Zealand Border Arrival & Departure Formalities (5.3mb)

The New Zealand Border Agencies Information Pack for Yachts and Small Craft (Yacht Pack) contains materials designed to assist with New Zealand Customs Service

Fact Sheet 39 Arriving and Departing Vessels (1.23mb)

This fact sheet details he Customs documentation requirements for commercial vessels (other than cruise vessels) arriving in, or departing from, New Zealand.

NZCS 218 - Unaccompanied personal baggage declaration (1.12mb)

This information is required to ensure travellers comply with the New Zealand Customs Service, Biosecurity, Wildlife, Medicines and Currency Laws.

Islands of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park (1.23mb)

A guide to the islands in and around the Hauraki Gulf