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Whitianga Marina Downloadable Forms & Applications


Rules Of The Society (132kb .pdf)

The Whitianga Marina Society Incorperated Rules
Last updated 18 July 2008

Live aboard form (63kb .pdf)

Application to live aboard as per policy 27 of the Society
Last updated 21st March 2006

Direct Debit Authority for Fuel (103kb .pdf)

Whitianga Marina Society Direct Debit Authority for Fuel
Last updated 20th March 2013

Fuel Credit Application Form (224kb .pdf)

Whitianga Marina Society Incorporated Credit Account Application

Tradesman License Form (239kb .pdf)

Whitianga Marina Contractors License
Last updated April 2010

Insurance Certificate Form (234kb .pdf)

Certificate of Insurance

Security Card Request (83kb .pdf)

Security Card Request Application

Application Waiting List RMP (88kb .pdf)

Boat Ramp waiting list application

Application Waiting List STP1 (89kb .pdf)

Secure trailer park waiting list application

Haul Out Charges(8kb .pdf)

Whitianga Marina Haulout Charges
Effective 1st August 2011

Haul Out and Hard Stand Rules (43kb .pdf)

Whitianga Marina Haul out / Hard stand Rules
Last updated October 2011